ETT S.p.A. is a Digital Creative Industry primarily providing technological and cultural innovation, software development and consulting services. Founded in 2000, the company now employs over 130 people in its Genoa Head Office and at Italian branches in Rome, Milan, Naples, Ancona, Pescara and Palermo. The European branch is operative in London’s Tech City. With its ability to deliver content using “interconnected solutions”, using scientific, technological and humanistic knowledge integration, ETT’s wide-ranging experience makes it a leader in various fields, notably Smart Government, New Media and Scientific Research.
As a result of ETT’s New Media activities, over 2 millions visitors have experienced more than 400 multimedia installations in about fifty public and private museums. ETT assists cultural heritage institutions with solutions that really involve people, combining information and education with entertainment value. A museum or tourist visit becomes more enjoyable and significant, while visitor growth and overall quality is appreciably higher.

ETT creates innovative applications for multi-touch and touchless systems, smartphones, tablets, gesture interfaces, augmented reality and virtual reality. Exploiting the potential of new technology is the essence of applications applied to edutainment, culture, tourism, interactive training and marketing (digital signage).

Some noteworthy achievements
Magna Carta Rediscovered, the six-stage traveling exhibition that toured Southern England in 2015, celebrated the 800th anniversary of the sealing of the Magna Carta. Samsung Smart Home, the new permanent showroom, inaugurated in 2015, is located in the Milan Samsung District. ETT managed the fit-out and supplied the software applications connected to the entire range of Samsung “smart” products. Gallerie dell’Accademia in Venice, a unique visit experience with multimedia kiosks, video walls, apps, augmented reality and beacons. Galata Sea Museum in Genoa, integrating the 4D immersive technologies of the “Storm Chamber” with 60 other permanent multimedia installations along the tour route. Acquario di Genova (Genoa Aquarium) from march has the brand new Abyss Room VR, one of the first permanent virtual reality installations in Europe.
A selection of other ETT multimedia installation projects includes: the Capitoline Museums, Palazzo Braschi, the Maritime Museum of Douala (Cameroon), the Astronomy and Space Museum at the Turin Planetarium, the SPACE area at the National Science and Technology Museum Leonardo da Vinci in Milan, the experimental augmented reality project Glass Beacon Museum at Trajan’s Market – Imperial Forums Museum, the new installations at the Museo A come Ambiente – MAcA (E like Environment Museum) in Turin.
Major apps for smartphones and tablets include: the Liguria Heritage augmented reality app for Liguria Region; PArSJAd 3D for Veneto Region; six apps developed for the promotion of tourism in Marche Region; the MuseoScienzApp application, created for the National Science and Technology Museum Leonardo da Vinci – the largest beacon technology mobile project to date in a European museum, with over 300 beacons installed throughout the museum.


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Lacosa works in an interzone, a field of intermedia and intertextual activities, including visual research and design; advertising and communications for corporate, political and institutional organizations; as well as project planning and critical reflection on brands.
We try to practice the idea of communication as overt persuasion. The name lacosa, assigned to this planning space, will mark the legacy of meta-operative reflection.

In the multiverse world of contemporary lacosa wants to follow all possible directions of design and communication. As well as create new ones.

To overcome the idea of communication made up of individual and isolated acts of communication.

To accompany our customers in a dynamic and coherent communication process.

To best support their projects.

Redefining the boundaries of communicative action, acting within it, combining the creative use of design tools with products, contexts, and information. And most importantly, the brand.

We design multimedia communication systems, and web graphics, publishing and packaging, relying on experts and professionals for strategic consulting and planning business, policies

lacosa is design culture and design strategy, an aggregator of experience and knowledge gained over the years to provide answers in terms of operational planning and public communication and enterprise.

lacosa is able to interpret the realties that inspire an area and to design interfaces and create functional tools for effective communication between those who work and live there, or those passing through: administrators and citizens, businesses and consumers, visitors and urban areas, territories and tourists.

lacosa projects require a target still alive, alert, critical, sensitive, intelligent, if properly stimulated, becomes a participant in the communication process actively.

From this perspective, lacosa acts as a partner for businesses and governments.

And for all those who understand the centrality of design as strategic communication: designing an entire process rather than a single act of communication, means to acquire a strategy that aims to define a distinct, longer lasting and recognizable identity, as mobile and dynamic.

lacosa proposes to its customers to take a decisive step towards innovation of communication processes through a strategic vision of design as a criterion of organization and coordination of activities for multiple media.

Buildings, areas, sites, products, services, advertising, distribution choices: for these organizations and businesses are interface systems through which tighten and develop relationships with the public. There are also systems that define identity and shape their strategies.
Building, and maintaining a brand for lacosa means operating on several levels, with an interdisciplinary approach and with the right skills at the right place.