TURNING TABLES on the road

Turning Tables was conceived as a platform to present positions and to create an evolving set of relationships in an open-ended process. The combined physical and virtual components; the table and the online platform, aim to reach a broad global audience- the table itself is re-constructible in our home universities or anywhere on the education front. In this way, new forms of learning and collaboration can be shared in order to collectively address the future challenges of the built environment.

Turning Tables can therefore continue after the Biennale, transformed into an itinerant relay event with the potential to extend to each of the eight participating laboratories- from Berlin to Hong Kong, from Johannesburg to Mumbai, and from London to Santiago de Chile, continuing to stimulate dialogue and to confront the principle issues of city and territory and their inhabitants. At the conclusion of Turning Tables on the road, this catalogue of experience, best practice, success and failure, would be of inestimable value to administrators, researchers and professionals negotiating the emerging challenges of territorial governance.


There are two main reasons for this choice:

Together with a the Department of Urbanism, Calabria Region, the UDlab of the Diatic Department, University of Calabria proposes to develop an open debate on territorial issues, centred on the Turning Table placed in the regional offices.

  • Calabria is experiencing a period of renewed interest in territorial governance. Recent urban initiatives posing questions regarding the environment, safety, land use, quality of the territory and of life, have reinvigorated a debate which had gradually subsided. A great interest in collaborative themes has been registered by all associations (environmental, social etc.) but also by single active citizens motivated to voice their opinions and to participate.
  • At the national level (reflecting international tendencies), bottom-up initiatives of informal, temporary and spontaneous use are becoming increasingly characteristic for urban and territorial space. Such initiatives are launched by active citizens promoting principles of sharing and collaboration. Also in Calabria, many activities of this type have developed, often promoted by youth organizations. It is therefore time to find a common ground for dialogue, in order to develop innovative rules based on the collaboration between citizens and institutes which can stimulate, accompany and structure new urban methods.

Turning Tables will be a space of open dialogue within the heart of the regional administration.  

Through the on-line platform and with the technical and scientific assistance of UDlab, it will be possible to spread the initiative and organize events to discuss the key issues addressed at the Biennale di Venezia. In Calabria, a local viewpoint will be developed through the contributions of associations active in the territory and stories of current initiatives. A place at the table will be added for the Region of Calabria – the referential institute open to dialogue, to listening and to debate with all actors active in the regional territory.